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About Us-BCAS Tech Incubator

In the perspective of the BCAS Research and development unit, the core aspects that the INCUBATOR focus on is to innovate, Collaborate, think big and inspire. After so much of hard work and effort put into incubator it is now underway with great success. This is an intensive programe that is designed by the BCAS Research and development lab along with the department of computing in the main motive of facilitating the currently progressing computing students with confidence to move towards the industry after coming out from incubator training.

How does Incuators help for IT students's future Scope?

The Incubators, Launched by the BCAS Research and Development unit of BCAS Campus Colombo, focuses on integrating the theory knowledge gained during their HND program into practical work that is brought directly from the industry. these are industrial range projects that are given exposure to our students through our incubators program.

The Coaching is done mainly by professionals with the help of the project manager, Computing department lecturers and industrial experts. The core outcomes of this program is that it culminates hands-on experience and encances the already gained knowledge in such a manner that it brings up these incubator interns as second professionals.

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